Lightbuld in motion to depict the innovation that strategic performance management lights within organizations

How Strategic Performance Management Cultivates Workplace Innovation

Leading companies are becoming increasingly focused on cultivating innovation. More innovative workplaces enjoy higher levels of productivity, better at solving even the most complex problems, and have an edge to out perform their less innovative competition in the market.

Innovation starts with hiring the right people as well as implementing specific performance management processes and leadership that can foster continued innovation within their organizations. It also requires an aligned vision of what innovation is.

Workplace innovation involves “employees at all levels changing the way that organizations manage, organize and deploy people, technology and technical resources. -by Peter Totterdill and Rosemary Exton. Simply put innovation is the quest for continuous organizational improvement and advancement through creative and strategic thinking.

Read more here on the 6 ways to Foster Innovation Through Strategic Performance Management, which starts with accommodating different ways of working. 

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