Gen Z employee smiling at her lap top depicting how recruitment marketing attracts gen zers

Recruitment Marketing is Key Attracting Tech-Savvy Gen Zers

Gen Z, like each new generation that entered the workforce before them, influence the recruiting strategy. Recruitment marketing is one of the key ways you can secure a competitive edge when finding and hiring top Gen Z  talent that are diverse, tech-savvy and entering the workforce.

Recruitment marketing involves developing and communicating a value proposition to candidates much like marketers do with consumers because Gen Zers approach the world as consumers that a drawn to exceptional brand and online experiences that are intuitive, delightful, real-time, provide ample options, are easy to use and that resonates on what they care about most.

The candidate-driven talent market of today gives Gen Z candidates plenty of choices. Attracting and captivating talent requires quick and easy engagement and building trust and emotional connections that convey that you’re company is a leading choice for employment.

By successfully leveraging and executing recruitment marketing, helps create a differentiating hiring experience and a foundation for trust by building meaningful emotional connections.  It also helps recruiters and hiring managers build up increased numbers of qualified candidates and can lead to increased retention and improved speed to hire metrics.

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