Sales Channel Management Programs

Diag Partners designs programs that are customized to accelerate your sales process and offerings with a team of expert sales, training, marketing, technical strategists and business analysts. With 10+ years of experience, Diag platform’s execute large-scale roll outs and quickly pivots targeted deployments in any region as opportunities are discovered.

Sales Channel Management Services

Diag Partner Sales Channel Management programs are custom designed to accelerate your sales process and offerings with a team of expert sales, training, marketing, technical, strategists and business analysts. 

With 10+ years of experience, Diag’s platforms execute large-scale roll outs and pivots targeted deployments quickly in any region as challenges and opportunities are discovered.

Problems we solve

Increase your sales velocity by being first to market with offerings that respond to trends and growing buyer needs. Diag specializes in responding quickly and tactically to maximize strategic sales advantages.

Dynamic Platform with a Global Reach

Pipeline Management

Our Sales Enablement program and teams are designed to identify, nourish and generate unique leads and sales opportunities by account and region and to quickly roll out new offers. The result is unprecedented sales account growth for our clients by enabling you to pivot quicker.

Team Structure of Sales Channel Services Program

  • CSA – Channel Service Associates
  • Program Manager
  • Team Lead Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • Sales Account Representatives
  • Technical Leads
  • Trainer/Support Associates
  • Sales/Marketing Asset Manager
  • Training Lead
  • Client Account Partner and Strategist

Sales Velocity

Diag’s Sales Enablement Framework is designed to increase Sales Velocity. Our program is a balanced combination of strategy, expertise, proven sales processes and collaboration tools to deliver market leading results. Leveraging Predictive Analysis and Adaptive Marketing responses, we prioritize market opportunities before rolling out initiatives to the sales floor. Our program leadership teams dive in to identify client use cases that align to your offering. From there, tailored sales efforts and coaching are established for each account and tactical execution begins.

“We track conversion activities continuously, which are translated into field planning and sales models that fuel your companies initiatives.”

 -Daisey B, National Account Partner

This framework provides insight, to stay ahead of trends and quickly respond with the right offerings. Sales Pipeline Management, powered by Diag, helps evolve highly responsive sales processes and teams that stay abreast of market climates. The result: increased growth of existing accounts, new sales prospects at accelerated rates and maximum sales velocity.

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