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The Most Important Things Your Resume Can’t Do for You

An excellent resume can elevate your career, lead to more interviews and get you headhunted by top recruiters.

However, even the best resumes can’t do all of the heavy lifting during your job search. Here are some of the most important things your resume can’t do:
1.Fully Convey Your Level of Motivation
Actions speak louder than words. You can show your level of motivation and commitment to a job role with a tailored cover letter, that speak directly to hiring manager.

Also reach out with a follow up after you apply for a job via a phone call, email or direct LinkedIn message to the recruiter. This action shows that you are highly interested in the company and job opportunity.

2. Fully Capture Your Personality
Businesses continue to hire more qualified candidates based on company culture and personality fit, above a set of technical skills. Your resume helps outline your job experience, career history, aspirations and goals but is not great at capturing your personality in a way that can resonate with the audience reading it. Read more about all of things your resume can’t do here. 

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