Top 4 things to Tell Your Recruiter That Will Lead to Better Candidates

Top 4 things to Tell Your Recruiter That Will Lead to Better Candidates

The more information you provide a recruitment team about the position you need to fill and what it means to your internal organization, the better they can find the right candidate for you. Thinking through this list of what to tell your recruiter can help lead to better candidates and help streamline the hiring process.

By providing a clear picture of your needs you can generate the best possible results. This starts with listing the soft and technical skills needed for the position and the culture and personalities in your office and within the team the new employee will be working within. In addition to providing the ideal requirements of the perfect candidate, it’s equally important to list acceptable requirements. This way you can best recognize when you find a strong candidate and will be positioned to move quickly, rather than waiting for a candidate who is very unlikely to surface in an increasingly competitive and shrinking candidate market.

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