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Top Soft Skill Employers Seek And Ways Top To Cultivate Yours

Creativity was at the top of the list in the recent Global Talent Trends 2019 report, LinkedIn as the soft skills that is most vitally important for career success. Industry leaders from, Steve Jobs to Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg, all recognize that creativity in the workplace is essential to the success of projects, teams and companies.

Investor and serial investor, Mark Cuban believes being able to think creatively is key to survival in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape and that there will be a greater demand over the next few years for creative talent than technical programming. Scott Hartley, a venture capitalist who previously worked at Google and Facebook recently stated the case on how the business world is heavily reliant on the human touch that soft skills bring, especially with the increasing focus on technology.

Read more here on the importance of harnessing and sharpening your creative skills to help you advance your career and the impact you can have on the projects you work on.

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